15 August Independence Day – A Tribute To The Divine Souls

Today we are a free and democratic nation, but have we ever given a thought about who were the ‘Heroes’ who sacrificed their lives for this ‘free air’ that we breathe today. It was our great freedom fighters undying spirit, bravery and undaunted courage that freed ‘Bharat Mata’ from the clutches of the ‘British Raj’.
“We came in free and independent country and that’s why we don’t know the meaning of real freedom. Its not that we don’t know about freedom. Yeah we do care but not that much which our freedom fighters did. They wanted this freedom and independence that’s why they even gave their lives with smiling faces “

INDOARYA FAMILY salutes the Divine Souls who sacrificed their lives with smiles on their faces. It is only due to their will power and effort; today we are living in an Independent India. We salute to our brave soldiers who are sacrificing their lives in the border in all the difficult situations in order to protect us and bring peace in our life. We, Indians should realise this fact and protest against the discrimination due to religion, caste, color and creed, and then only we can bring harmony and peace in our country. So, Lets become one and fight against all communal and national terrorism to make a real sense of independence…… “JAI HIND” HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 2017 “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”

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