Am presenting some personal views as we walk the journey towards perfection.

As we start to see life and understand sentences, we start to question who is God. How do we come to earth. What is earth. what is the meaning of our existence.

With no concrete answers we wander in the masses and take God as granted and a power who is confined in the walls of sacred places where grievance is heard in respective days allotted on basis of convinience. The answers to the grief is based on the donations made, is our belief. The bigger the problem the faster the solution is expected. Donations are also made according to the size and urgency of the problem.

At work we have our own issues, respective people pray respective God for own set of issues and all are solved sitting in out desk without going to the donations box. Meri job bacha lena. meri rokar Milwa de bhagwan. mera voucher pass ho jaye. Meri chutti extend ho jaye. Mera boss aaj tareef kar de. Increament achi ho jaye. Contract mil jaye. Tender L1 apna ho. Cps se paise trf ho jaye.
When the work is done. Bhagwan ne sun li. When its not … Bhagwan mere se naraaz hain.

I feel the God is in the smallest things and when we take care of all the micro issues things are taken care of themselves. Whatever God creates is perfect to the smallest details. Each life starts as a cell invisible to the human eye. Small small details need to be carefully seen and taken care of. They will yield bigger results and you will see God yourself. Unless we see something big we don’t get effected. Size of the problem depends on the size or layers we have upon us. Closer to the operation causes more effect.

One digit wrong can create havoc in the balance sheet. One wrong voucher can spoil the whole career. One wrong dispatch results is chain of complaints.

Each digit / alphabet is important in the letter. Each individual is important to the family. Each family is important to the branch. Each branch is important to the company.

I conclude by saying all our people be trained and pay attention to the smallest details of their work to attain God like perfection. I insist you start the training of the staff at the grass root level and of the small things first.

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