High Profile Projects

IndoArya pioneers in handling High Profile projects. With technologically advanced and effective operations we have executed projects that we sensitive and required special attention. Some of the many projects include:

  • Successfully executed the logistics of the state visit of Mr. George Bush, Hon’ble President of United States of America
  • Similar feat was achieved in 2010 during the visit of Mr. Barack Obama, Hon’ble President of United States of America
  • Transported the KARGIL aircrafts engines and radars
  • Successfully handled the distribution of the electronic voting machines to all over India
  • Transported the polio drops, an initiative by Panacea Biotech across India
  • Lifted and moved 5000 tons of coal in 1 day
  • Lifted and stuffed 4800 tons of pig iron in 1 day
  • Air lifted and transported a single consignment of 90 tons from Korea to Delhi in 4 days
  • Processed and packed the first staple pack for Reliance Retail
  • Collected Tsunami relief material from Delhi government loaded & transported it to Tsunami affected areas. This was our humble contribution in the hour of need


As a company we depend on strong and sustainable markets and communities to survive and thrive. We take seriously our responsibility for environmental and social stewardship and are committed to share ideas and effective solutions that help address critical environmental issues. Some of the initiatives by the company are:

  • Initiatives to help the unprivileged to become self-dependent
  • Initiatives to build schools and water harvesting schemes in village for social benefits
  • INR 5 per docket is donated towards village up-liftmen

Our Technology

Our highly developed customer response tools convert data into usable order information with the help of our proprietary business intelligence tools. Advanced information systems developed by IndoArya also enable clients to keep track of consignments at all times.

The computerized monitoring system, online networking and skilled manpower enable the optimization of each detail of the supply chain with emphasis on routing, documentation, procedure and timing.

IndoArya provides superior edge to all its customers and suppliers with its latest MIS tools such as

  • Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)